Opensource Release LootBoxAPI Is now available as an Opensource repo, for more information checkout our Gitlab.

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LootBox is a community run project, which mostly revolves around like minded Gamers playing together in groups, we started this project with one simple mindset, 6v6 rather than 2v6.

We grew tired incredibly quickly of playing with pugs that had no interest in Team play and never considered contesting a point or hero swapping to counter X hero, therefore LootBox was created to seek out & recruit like minded players that understood the style & requirements of Overwatch.

But we also wanted to adapt LootBox, therefore we created the LootBox API, unfortunately have yet to release an API system for Overwatch, so we have made our own using their own internal lookup functions, we hope it meets all your requirements/needs, Happy fragging!

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Although we currently host the LootBoxAPI We have decided to make it somewhat opensource for all users.
By doing this we hope that the Coding community will contribute towards our Repo to improve the API as far as it can be pushed.
If you'd like to become a developer for LootBoxAPI Please contact ISY / Techfreak via Discord.
You can view our Repo by clicking the Repo picture below.